Kenwood TK-5710 Transceiver

My daily driver is set up with a Kenwood TK-5710 VHF P25 transceiver and KCH-16 Handheld Control Head. The handheld control head offers a clean install and convenient operation.


  • Mixed P25 (Phase 1) Digital & FM Analog Operation
  • P25 Digital Conventional
  • P25 Digital Trunking
  • Basic and Full-featured front panels (Option)
  • Handheld Control Head (Option)
  • High Power 110 W Models Available
  • Channel Number Voice announcement
  • 256-bit AES & 56-bit DES Encryption (Option)
  • Option Board Capable


KCH-16 Handheld Control Head (HHCH)

The KCH-16 Handheld Control Head (HHCH) incorporatesa full mobile radio control head and keypad microphone in a compact form factor for the TK-5710 and 5810 Series P25 mobiles. The HHCH and its interface can be stored and mounted out of sight inside a vehicle center console, a glove compartment or under the seat. The long 7-foot coil-cord provides the operator with the length to extend the HHCH out of its stowage. The HHCH provides a practical solution for covert operations, small command posts, limited-space applications and VIP vehicle installations.